Catherine Herridge has truly become one of the best when it comes to actually reporting the news. Add her to the list with Sharyl Attkisson, Kimberley Strassel, James Rosen, and a handful of others who care more about the story and less about the narrative.

Like this bit about the Portland protests:

So Antifa is an ‘organized’ group.

You mean these riots … sorry … protests aren’t just ‘erupting’?

Gosh, we’re super shocked.

Also, Brian Murphy is Adam Schiff’s brand spanking new ‘whistleblower’.

What a tangled web they weave, yadda yadda yadda.

A core set of threat actors.

Who is PAYING this core set of threat actors?

Remember when Bernie supporters said the country would burn if Bernie didn’t get the nod? Hey, we’re not saying they’re Bernie supporters but … it’s fairly coincidental, don’cha think?

Poor Andy. He and a few others have been in the trenches trying to get this across for several months, largely ignored by the mainstream media who have been more concerned with trying to find a way to blame Trump for the chaos.

Clearly that’s not the case.



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