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‘They'll pretend to be AGHAST!’ Sharyl Attkisson truth-bombs the media and the ‘scheduled scandals’ they’ll push leading up to November and BOOM

Sharyl Attkisson seemed less than surprised by yet another BOMBSHELL from our trusted and totally unbiased friends in the media. They probably should have known better than to try and pretend Trump called a bunch of dead troops buried in a cemetery in France ‘losers’ but they get away with so much we suppose it didn’t even occur to them that people would have receipts.


It’s almost like Sharyl knows the media. Huh.

And yet they keep doubling down.

Or tripling down? Can someone quadruple down?



Psh, we’ve been extremely irritated for the past four years, what’s another few months?


Or in the case of Trump, 2016-surprise.



‘Who wants to tell this dildo?’ Kurt Schlichter takes on horde of blue-checks (and other crazies) while dismantling The Atlantic

‘Dumpster fire’ –> Undercover Huber’s thread of the DISASTROUS behavior from the media in just the last 24 hours is DAMNING

BS story from The Atlantic claiming Trump skipped visit to American military cemetery in France calling them ‘losers’ falls APART


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