Just when you thought the media couldn’t get any worse …

Ok, so you probably knew they could and would get worse but man, every time we think they’ve reached ultimate repugnant they surprise even us. Undercover Huber was good enough to put together a brief but damning thread of the media’s behavior over just the last 24 hours.

This is pretty good.

This stems from the media being able to write anything they want and get away with it for years. They know their loser base will lap up their hate and ridiculousness with a spoon because orange man bad. And by the time they issue a correction, the new narrative is out there being spewed by every thin-skinned, frothy-mouthed hyena on Twitter.

And then the dude was shot and killed during his arrest.

Just. Insane.


And they wonder why so many of us mock them.



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‘100% Antifa’ member Michael Reinoehl, suspected of killing Aaron Danielson in Portland, killed by federal authorities