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'With respect, this is bullsh*t, Ms. Reid.' Andy Ngo calls down the THUNDER on Joy Reid for blaming the riots on 'white nationalists'

Folks, Joy Reid thinks Americans will believe that it’s white nationalists who are causing all of the violence at these riots and not Antifa or Black Lives Matter. We know, we made the same, ‘You’ve got to be sh*tting me’ face you’re making right now … but she did indeed try and sell this nonsense on Twitter.


Not including the entire thread because even WE have our limits for stupid and obnoxious, but this tweet right here, it’s special:

Say what?

Luckily Andy Ngo, who has been covering these riots from the very beginning, was front and center to ‘correct her’.

She seriously had this coming:

Psh, she’s perfect for MSNBC.

To be honest, we’re surprised Joy didn’t try and blame white nationalists for her homophobic, bigoted blog.


AKA a member of the traditional media.


Living in crazy times, right?



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