This violence is Democrat-owned.

These riots are Democrat-owned.

Never let them OR their base forget it.


‘Enemies of the state.’

‘I thought he should have punched him in the face.’

‘I’d like to punch him in the face.’

Wilson talking about putting a bullet in the president …

But the best bit is Kamala Harris saying that riots won’t let up on election day and they shouldn’t let up, even as she and Sleepy Joe pretend to condemn the violence. What a bunch of disingenuous, lying, sneaky, as*holes.


Scary stuff.

Seriously, it should be.

Imagine if any Republican encouraged people to go punch Biden in the face? Or strangle his family members? Or blow up his home?

It would be front-page news 24/7.

But since it’s Trump?


And considering all they had to do was not be crazy?

So very telling.



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