So are we listening to the CDC today or no?

We forget which experts we’re allowed to pay attention to or use for guidance when it comes to getting back to our normal, everyday lives. Seems anytime the experts say something good or supportive of ‘normal,’ the Left poo-poos them or accuses Trump of manipulating the data.

And since this ‘data’ is a pretty big freakin’ deal, we’re fairly certain it won’t go anywhere.

6% strictly due to the virus.

That’s less than H1N1. You know, the virus they didn’t shut the country down over?


Like any other virus. If you’re in relatively good health, you’ll be fine.

So open the freakin’ country already.

All of it.

They’ve known about this the whole time.

As have most Americans.


Paying MORE for COVID deaths.

And the country has been footing the bill in more ways than one.