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THIS is your brain on TDS: Evan McMullin begs people to stop 'rioting' and 'vandalizing' because they're helping Trump win

Once an Evan McMuffin always an Evan McMuffin.

Sorry … Evan McMullin.

Our bad.


He’s not asking people to stop vandalizing and rioting because it’s WRONG. No no, he’s asking people to stop vandalizing and rioting because it will help Trump win the election. Think about that for just a minute.

It’s AOK if people are losing their businesses, livelihoods, even their LIVES, as long as it isn’t helping Trump win the election.

These people.

Perhaps we should ask Evan to, ‘please stop.’

Serious TDS.


Sure seems that way.

Doesn’t seem to be a winning message, Evan.

Just sayin’.



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