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'She DID chase away the gays': Richard Grenell TORCHES Lori Lightfoot for threatening sunbathers but ignoring looters

If you want to know why so many Democratically-run cities are, as Trump once said, sh*tholes, look no further than Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

Over the weekend, Lori was very angry with a large gathering of people sunbathing at the lake. She shamed them and even threatened to ‘take steps backward.’


Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of elected officials threatening to take freedom away from their constituents.

Well, as you more than likely know, last night looting and rioting (and even a shooting) took place in downtown Chicago.

Pretty sure they weren’t ‘sunbathers’ or worried about social distancing.

Nothing says ‘justice’ like looting a car dealership.

Black lives matter so much people are stealing iPads.


Seems legit.

It got so bad they actually had to limit people going in and coming out of the city.

Richard Grenell just torched the mayor this morning …

Sunbathers and their sunbathing freedom.



Priorities, right?



Ok, so we know we shouldn’t laugh at this … but we totally laughed at this.

Until right after the election.



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