William Shatner never fails to enrage the ‘alphabet people.’ Seems Captain Kirk doesn’t like them using a label to bully him …

This is pretty exceptional but then again, Shatner’s feed usually is.

Take a look and see if you can follow this insanity.

Yes. They typically use CIS to shame someone for being straight instead of debating their ideas if they disagree with them.

He didn’t say being different is wrong.

He said using labels to hurt people is.

We got it.

Labels are indeed dehumanizing.

Nailed it.

She/he/it says as she/he/it tries to oppress Shatner for being CIS.


Every. Single. Time.

Grow up.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

As they often do.

A label used to harm.



Because dogpiling is all they know on Twitter.

No offense but WTF is wrong with these tweeps?

He didn’t say anything about race?


How is Shatner being transphobic?

Don’t try and understand social justice.

It’s pointless.





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