Yesterday, Trump completely pulled the rug out from under the Democrats.

Especially Nancy Pelosi.

While this editor is no fan of any president relying on Executive Orders to get things done, watching Democrats screech about Trump extending unemployment benefits and suspending student loan payments has been highly entertaining.

Politically speaking it was pretty damn brilliant.

Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s reaction:

Sort of like crumbs, Nancy?

This woman.

So mad.

From ol’ Nancy:

“Furthermore, these announcements do nothing to increase testing, nothing to reopen schools, nothing to put food on the table for hungry families, nothing to prevent heroes being laid off across state and local government, nothing to protect the Postal Service or the integrity of our elections, nothing on many critical needs of the American people.


Pull the pork out of the bill first, Nan. No more money for your pals at the Kennedy Performing Arts Center (who turned around and got rid of their musicians anyway).

Let them eat ice cream!

Why do they want mail-in voting so badly?

Oh, we know why, we’re just being facetious and snarky.

That’s sort of our thing.

She did indeed get TRUMPED.

They all did.



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