Alyssa Milano’s new ‘character’ on Twitter appears to be ‘COVID survivor’. While she allegedly did test positive for COVID antibodies, she also allegedly tested negative for the virus more than once and according to the CDC, people with COVID antibodies may or may NOT have had the virus. The antibodies could show up in say someone who has even had a common cold.

But you know, she has a narrative to sell.

And attention to beg for.

Watch (yes, it’s bizarre).

Yup. Alyssa has lost it.

This editor is close to Alyssa’s age and this has been happening for YEARS.

This editor does not have and has not had COVID.

This editor is just officially middle-aged.

As is Alyssa.


This is fairly common, especially with women who have longer hair.


Also true.

At the time of this writing, ‘Measures Don’t Work Well’ is winning.

Not a great visual, dude.

That explains so much.

Aren’t most of The Lincoln Project guys bald?

And those effects ain’t always pretty.

And here we thought those pretty crochet masks she wears would work.




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