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'The car goes VROOM VROOM': Pic of Joe Biden wearing his COVID mask behind the wheel surfaces ANNND we’re officially dead

Sleepy Joe behind the wheel wearing a mask … welcome to 2020.

Raise your hand if you think the car was just parked outside and he was sitting behind the wheel for a photo op?



Raise your hand if you HOPE that was the case.

Otherwise YIKES, he’s still driving?!

People who wear their masks in their cars when they’re all alone, c’mon. What are you protecting? Your steering wheel?

Beep beep! Go Joe go!

Yes, this is probably a really immature thing to include in a story BUT we never claimed to be mature so there’s that.

Seriously. Not to mention with the sunglasses on? He looks like Robo-Biden and not in a good way.

Dude, right?


He was in hot pursuit of those Duke boys … yeah, that’s it.

The car goes ‘vroom vroom’.


The wheels on the car go ’round and ’round.


Totally feasible.

But not nearly as funny (or terrifying) as the rest of these comments.





Nothing to see here, just Kamala Harris’ former press secretary having the power at Twitter to censor the Trump Team’s tweets

‘Felt like I was DYING’: Alyssa Milano announces she tested positive for COVID antibodies but thread shows her timeline doesn’t QUITE add up

Teacher’s union president fact-DROPPED for claiming Trump’s tweet debunking their back-to-school fear-mongering was ‘misinformation’

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