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‘Naturally this stupid or do you have to work at it?’ S.E. Cupp lists what she 'imagines' a president should be and it goes SO wrong

Can you imagine a media that actually care more about what’s really going on in the country and the world than they do taking cheap shots at President Trump for clicks and taps? What a wonderful world that would be …


S.E. Cupp’s cute little list where she ‘imagines a country where the president’ does XYZ fell just a little flat.

And by just a little we mean FLATTER THAN FLAT.

Knows stuff.


Oh, and presidents don’t pass laws because that would ultimately make them a dictator but whatever.

Guess how this went over.

Still waiting for Hillary to accept defeat. Granted, she never was a president and she never will be but still.

Nice list in response to a not-so-nice list.



We saw ‘Simpering Twit’ open for ‘Angry Beavers’ in ’10.



You know the drill.



Wouldn’t it though?

We’re not holding our breath for any of that anytime soon, unfortunately.



‘It’s a simple yet effective way to display my righteousness’: YouTuber’s video on why she ‘loves wearing a mask’ WINS the Internet (watch)

‘We are a cancer and there is no cure’: MSNBC journo Ariana Pekary writes DAMNING piece about working for the outlet and why she quit

What’s a word for more than REKT?! Claire McCaskill picks a fight with Richard Grenell and it does NOT go well for her, like at all

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