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'They didn't know him. I did.' Ellen Carmichael tweets heartbreaking yet lovely thread remembering Herman Cain

Ellen Carmichael’s thread about her former boss Herman Cain after his passing earlier today is just the sort of thing we needed to see after reading the unbelievable hatred and ugliness on Twitter. Snark aside, when did so many Americans lose their ability to simply say nothing if they can’t say something nice, especially after someone dies?



Ellen’s thread is lovely:

So maybe they should listen to Ellen.




We did not know this story … wow.

He really, really was a good person.

Sadly, that doesn’t matter to people who are happy to dance on his grave if that means they can hurt Trump or Republicans in general. See Ana Navarro.


RIP, Mr. Cain.

And much respect for Ellen for sharing this.

We need more of it.



‘Can you at least TRY and hide your glee?’ Ana Navarro out-awfuls the worst of the WORST grave-dancing on Herman Cain’s passing

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Who they REALLY are –> Vox’s Aaron Rupar can’t even wait 30 minutes to dance on Herman Cain’s grave in DUNK on Trump

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