If you needed proof of how absolutely disgusting and repugnant the Left and the media really are, look no further than this tweet from Vox’s Aaron Rupar. How broken does someone have to be to think this is in ANY way appropriate to tweet moments after finding out Herman Cain has passed away?




Mere moments after the announcement of Herman’s death. These people are nothing more than ghouls.

Not even half an hour after the announcement.


There are no words.

We’re not sure he knows what being a better human actually means.

Had to be among the first to say something disgusting. Oh, don’t worry, there are plenty more.

True story.

You have no idea.

Note: The number of toads responding to his tweet claiming Cain got what was coming to him is so repulsive … this editor cannot bring herself to include them. If you want to see the uglier side of humanity, take a look.

Remember this in November.



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