The New York Times never fails to disappoint.

Truly, the only other ‘outlet’ that is consistently crappier is CNN.

This is indeed ‘quite the headline’:

From the New York Times:

The tweet, sent from aboard Air Force One as Mr. Trump traveled to Texas, was the latest example of the president stoking racial division as he seeks to win over voters in his bid for re-election. White suburban voters, particularly women, were key to his victory in 2016 but are slipping away from him.


But wait, it gets dumber.

The remarks also came just days after aides had convinced the president that his best re-election strategy was to demonstrate that he was focused on a comprehensive response to the surging coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks, as the president’s poll numbers have tumbled, some of his advisers have told Mr. Trump to try to convince a skeptical nation that he has been effective in managing the virus crisis and is taking it seriously.

Because banning travel from China and parts of Europe wasn’t taking it seriously.

Because basically shutting down the country wasn’t taking it seriously.

Eff off all day with that crap. All day.


It’s because readers are too racist or stupid to know they should be reading the NYT.


We’ll just end by pointing out the family that owns the New York Times were slave owners and therefore the paper is clearly racist and should be ‘defunded.’

Or something.



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