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Dude, your federal building was ON FIRE: Mayor Ted Wheeler claims he saw nothing that would provoke feds tear-gassing rioters

Mayor Ted Wheeler claims he didn’t see anything that should have provoked federal agents into tear-gassing people setting buildings on fire and throwing things at his head during his ‘listening sessions’ last night in Portland.


Man, either this guy has his head permanently up his backside or he thinks the rest of us do.

Your federal building was literally ON FIRE IN FRONT OF YOU, TED.


‘100% honesty.’


Must’ve been the goggles he wore at the peaceful protest.

*all the eye rolls*


From what we’re seeing we’re not sure he has any real power anymore.


Ok, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop crying.

‘Nuff said.



Lincoln Project founders try bullying NY Post journo over story about their debt and ties to Russia but SHE ain’t havin’ any of it

Guttersnipe says WHAT? Kathy Griffin and Dan Winslow super PSYCHED to get in the gutter to fight Trump and OMG the backfire

‘Hey hey, ho ho! Tear Gas Ted has got to GO’: Mayor Ted Wheeler gets WAY more than he asks for during ‘listening sessions’ with Portland rioters (video-thread)

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