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Brian Stelter out-taters even HIMSELF shaming Sean Hannity and right-wing media for fear-mongering in Portland coverage

Nobody watches and obsesses over Fox News more than Brian Stelter.


We challenge any green-penis whiner out there who complains about their racist redneck uncle watching Fox News to prove they watch MORE than the most annoying Hall Monitor in media. Honestly, Fox News should start giving ol’ Bri a cut of the traffic he sends their way …


Seems he was not happy with the way Sean Hannity framed the violence in Portland.

Maybe if he’d said something along the lines of protesters ‘storming the Capitol’?

Look at this mess:

It’s like Brian wants us to make fun of him.

And c’mon, only a moron would think Portland has been peaceful.



Something like 52 straight nights now.

It’s nuts.


Only CNN is allowed to fear-monger and gaslight dammit!

We need more storming for Bri to get concerned.

That. ^


Yes, of course, it’s right-wing media’s fault that morons are destroying buildings and assaulting people in Portland.


Ugh, thanks for that visual so early on a Monday morning.




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