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'Must occur in a basement': Ted Cruz comes up with 2 hilarious 'conditions' Biden team might set for debates and Lefties can't DEAL

The way the media are already trying to protect Joe Biden from being Joe Biden tells us all they know he’s not really cut out for the job and that ultimately he’s just a placeholder until the Democratic Party decides who they want to rule the country.


Sorry, folks, we can’t sugarcoat it … this is not about Biden being the best man for the job, it’s about Democrats wanting control.

Look at this noise, the New York Times is already working hard to give Biden an out when it comes to debating Trump (because we all know Trump would bury him alive):

Ted Cruz came up with two conditions as well:

In a basement and it must not be seen by anyone in America.


We love the basement bit. Dude has spent months talking in front of a fake bookcase …

And cue the screeching:


Because it’s not about Biden being the best to run this country.

It’s about hating Trump.

Sad, we know.

It’s so cute when they claim someone isn’t relevant and yet they’re tweeting them. Oh, and the typo just makes it pop.




They’re just mad because these two rules could totally come from Biden himself.



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