One of the few remaining things that actually bring this editor joy on Twitter outside of ‘owning the libs’ is visiting Sean Spicier’s timeline to watch HIM own the libs. Granted, they actually own themselves but you get the picture. To be honest, it amazes us that there are still people on Twitter who don’t know he’s a parody account.

Then again, most of the people we see falling for his famous schtick aren’t exactly brainchildren SO maybe it’s not so amazing that they haven’t figured him out.

This week his timeline consists of tweets mocking Joe Biden denying his obvious cognitive decline, mask Nazis, racist white liberals, the Black Lives Matter movement, protesters, and much more.


Dude, no one told us there would be free pony rides!

No fair.

You know, Tim here really thought he was dunking on the REAL Sean Spicer.

Which makes this even sadder AND funnier.


And accurate.

Don’t forget Michigan.

That sounds awesome.


These are the saddest tweets of all.

Ruh-roh, look out for those chicks on Twitter who troll with hashtags. They are TROUBLE.



We see what he did there.

Wow, what a yucky tweet from this Dan guy … and they say Republicans are sexist?

Awww, teach us, Spicier!


Blue-check who didn’t bother to look for the blue check.

Maybe it’s actually Wednesdays?

Sean Spicier strikes again.

Da da DAAAA!



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