When Ilhan Omar talks about ‘dismantling systems of oppression’ she is basically talking about the American way of life. She can pretend it’s about racism or sexism but ultimately what she really wants to dismantle is capitalism so they can remake America into a socialist sh*thole.

Sorry, UTOPIA.

Yeah, that’s it.

Drew Holden was good enough to put together a brutal thread of Ilhan’s own tweets attacking various systems to show what her real motive is:

Ugh, this broad.

Blah blah blah blah.

She has yet to have an original or worthwhile thought.

Keep going.



She completely ignores how welfare dependence creates cycles of poverty but we digress.

Of course.

Every system that has supported her is magically bad now that she doesn’t need them anymore.


More government less freedom.

Scary stuff, folks.

We feel SHOCKED.

‘Nuff said.



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