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Who the Left REALLY is --> Entitled, privileged white woman shames black man in song for running for office (watch)

Typically we screenshot tweets with the f-bomb in them but if we do that you guys will miss Courtney Jaye’s lovely song shaming Kanye West for running for president. Nothing screams ‘you’re a Democrat’ like being a white, entitled, privileged brat shaming a black man for running for elected office.


This is who they really are, folks (note, these lyrics are definitely NOT safe for work so we suggest listening with headphones unless you work from home and then knock yourself out):

It’s catchy.

Too bad it’s ugly, nasty, and racist.

Can you imagine if some white conservative woman had sung a song like this about Obama? OMG, they’d be tearing down statues and destroying property … oh wait, they’re already doing that. Never mind.

Gosh, that’s so rare too ya’ know. Totally different from their racist roots.

Karen with a guitar.


Now now, she only hates black people who don’t think and vote and do as they’re told.




Bravo, right?


Right? Sheesh.

We’re positive Kanye is devastated by her cute little song and will soon do exactly as this entitled, privileged, white woman says.

Oh, wait.



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