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All the BOOM: Brigitte Gabriel's definition of 'true racism' OBLITERATES Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party

Remember how the Left screeched when Mitt Romney talked about his binder of women? They called him a sexist and a misogynist … good times. Imagine if Romney had said he would pick a woman of color for his VP slot NOT because she was the right person for the job but because he thought it was the right thing to do.


They’d have dogged him for being sexist AND racist …

The hypocrisy would be funny if it weren’t so painful.

Brigette Gabriel spelled it out perfectly:

She’s right.

Choosing someone based on their skin color? Absolutely racist.

But you know, orange man bad.

Nobody panders better than the Democrats.

It’s almost like they only care about minorities when there’s an election.

Funny that.

Identity politics suck.

Sorry, not sorry.


Fair point.


Looking at you, Democrats.



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