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Dude, GTFO: Gov. Cuomo accuses Gov. DeSantis of playing politics with COVID, trips over 1000s dead in nursing homes (watch)

Gov. Cuomo is basically responsible for nearly 1/3 of all American deaths not to mention 6k+ deaths in nursing homes so thinking he should sit this out.



Excuse us but WHO played politics, Andrew? Gosh, we seem to remember officials in YOUR STATE telling New Yorkers to go out and about when the virus was at its most dangerous and contagious to prove they weren’t racists.

We’re not surprised CNN didn’t give him any pushback but c’mon, does anyone really believe this crap he’s shoveling?




But DeSantis! REPUBLICANS!!!

Thanks for that visual.


And hey, we shared it with all of you, lucky you.

He knows the media won’t call him out on the numbers or push him on his BS.


Just wait two weeks.

OMG are we done with this yet?



‘Socialism fails again’: CHOP (we think?) releases ‘important message’ about ending their zone listing their successes and LOL

‘It sounds nuts, BUT’: John Huber’s theory about how Obama admin came up with Flynn/Logan Act charge just crazy enough to be TRUE

Keeps getting worse and WORSE: Sounds like SERIOUS legal trouble for Mayor Jenny Durkan and her ‘block party’ aka CHOP

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