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She sooo MAD! AOC SNAPS when Trump gets brutally honest about her lack of common sense and credentials

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t seem to care much for Trump’s take on who she is and what she’s accomplished. Considering her upcoming primary, she almost sounds a little bit insecure and unsure of herself. Or maybe she figured out bragging about ‘punking’ the president about the attendance at his rally sort of took away the blow to Trump supporter’s morale that they were going for.


Then again, she could just be a total doorknob.

We’re going with the knob.

Truth hurts, eh AOC?

And c’mon, he didn’t say anything about her talent.


It’s actually something she does rather well.

See, we’re nice!


And she’s helping him do it.

Sums her up nicely, don’t you think?



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