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'You get a tank and YOU get a tank'! AOC claiming cops are getting tanks to make a point about America's 'priorities' goes SO wrong

We’re not entirely sure what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was thinking when she compared teachers buying their own school supplies to police officers getting tanks (what?!?!) but here we are.


Perhaps if she doesn’t know what an actual tank looks like she shouldn’t tweet about them … just sayin’.

Does AOC really think cops are getting tanks?


But tanks!



We do too.

This is an insult to Billy Madison and especially his song about shampoo and conditioner.


That’s how Democrats deal with problems, they throw more money at them, hope they go away, and when they are still around they point the finger of blame at Republicans and claim they need more money. Yay!

She probably thinks an H1 is a tank.

Ding ding ding.

Narrator: Our bad.


But tanks!

That works.



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