If you spend any time at all on Twitter you have likely seen the Left trying (and failing spectacularly) to use the ‘Karen’ dig. The fact they can’t quite figure out how to use it the right way tells you they are well and truly THE Karen of all Karens.

Like Politico’s Tim Alberta, insisting that the Left losing their collective sh*t over Mike Gundy wearing an OAN t-shirt isn’t cancel culture.

Did he really think anyone would buy this?

Don’t answer that.

What’s wrong with an OAN t-shirt?

He wants him to GROW.


What sort of egotistical dill-hole thinks he has the right to tell another grown man ‘he needs to grow’ because he wore a T-SHIRT?!! Who empowered Tim to be the keeper of all t-shirts?

So stupid.

Seriously, we are living through the dumbest time in history in this country, right now.

People explained to ol’ Tim here why his tweets were stupid BUT instead of really hearing them he got super defensive …

America, baby.

We’re not sure he understands exactly what that means.


Don’t you DARE wear a Politico shirt!

And when we say that, we don’t want you fired, we just want you to GROW. *eye roll*


Sums them up perfectly.



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