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'One of the DIRTIEST tricks in the history of American politics': Brit Hume BLASTS Dems' and their 'unmasking is normal' narrative

Don’t worry America, it’s totally normal for people in authority to abuse their unmasking powers.

Democrats say so.

Brit Hume would disagree, especially sharing and quoting this damning piece from the Wall Street Journal:



James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, defended his unmasking of Mr. Flynn as “perfectly legitimate.” Mr. Clapper told CNN that he had a professional duty to investigate the “numerous engagements by representatives of the Trump camp with Russians.” As he told Sirius XM’s “The Joe Madison Show”: “People would be derelict if they didn’t have enough curiosity to inquire what was going on.”

In other words, it’s OK to eavesdrop on your political opponents if you’re curious about their conversations with foreigners. We doubt that justification would have played well had the George W. Bush Administration spied on Barack Obama’s incoming team. Officials of incoming administrations routinely talk with officials of foreign governments.

Such exchanges don’t justify the widespread scale of Obama Administration unmasking of Mr. Flynn. And they certainly don’t justify the leaking of the conversations that Mr. Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with the Russian ambassador. Leaking those classified conversations is a felony.


A felony.

But you know, NO BIG DEAL.

Ahem, excuse us but we’ve been told many times, the Obama administration was scandal-free.


Oh, man, we even crack ourselves up every once in a while.



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