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Shady EFFERS! Pradheep J. Shanker's 'fan fiction' thread REALLY puts what the Obama admin did in infuriating perspective

If you’ve been reading about what the Obama administration did to the incoming Trump administration and find it all confusing as Hell, take a gander at Pradheep J. Shanker’s ‘fan fiction’ thread about what it would look like if Trump lost and did to Biden what Obama did to him.


Yes, that’s definitely fan fiction.

This is fascinating (and infuriating):


Double oof.

In other words, Obama knew.

Sorry to interrupt, keep reading.


*Steele Dossier that the Clinton campaign paid for*


Shady a-holes.


But if it’s not, and we’re pretty sure Democrats, the media (same difference), and the Left would lose their ever-loving MINDS if this happened … then maybe you should pay attention, listen, and realize why what we’re seeing is such a big deal.

And not some conspiracy or ‘normal procedures’ being blown out of proportion because ORANGE MAN BAD.

This is big.

We see you, Obama and Co.



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