You guys remember Evan McMuffin … sorry … McMullin, right? The guy who was going to save us all from Trump who couldn’t even win his own state? Yeah, that’s him. Welp, seems he wanted to try his hand at posting some anti-Trump poll on Twitter to prove that Fauci is more trustworthy with the health of our children.

And that Trump is untrustworthy.

Classy, right?

He had to know this wouldn’t go the way he thought it would.

C’mon, once any large conservative or Trump-supporting account got ahold of it he was done for; he should have just let it go because deleting it only makes him look like a complete and total chicken s**t.

Good grief is right.

Evan must’ve been concerned when the votes started switching the poll the other way … poor thin-skinned little Never Trumper.

This shows the gradual ‘swing’ in his poll.

Ugh, that’s a really bad visual. Sorry.


Yeah, this went super well for ol’ Egg Head … err, Evan.


Best. Poll. Ever.

We hope Evan takes a moment to case his votes as well.



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