Good news, folks. Democrats are working really super-duper hard to make sure American families are getting the help they need in these ‘unprecedented and challenging times’. Because you know, we all need access to our local pot shop right now …

Don’t make that face.

We’re not even JOKING which is ridiculously stupid and sad.

Look at this mess.

Who knew cannabis was such a big deal during this pandemic? We knew states that run their own liquor stores kept those stores open (yet closed churches) but hey, sounds like pot shops are ‘essential’.

But wait, there’s more.


Jobs. Banks.

You know, things you’d think Democrats would be worried about while tens of millions of Americans are out of work.


But here’s where it get even worse.

Looks like it.



THERE ya’ go.

Yeah yeah, we know we said wow already but seriously, WOW.

Guess we should just be glad there’s no more funding for the Kennedy Performing Arts Center.



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