It’s not often where we cover a ‘back and forth’ where parts of the ‘forth’ are missing but here we are. Thing is, Brit Hume’s ‘side’ of this debate is SO GOOD we had to write it, plus we sort of giggled when we saw the other guy had deleted his tweets.

Oh, the other guy is some local NBC blue-check nobody named Michael Wooten.

We’re assuming Michael made the mistake of accusing Brit of supporting or pushing some fringe conspiracy theory:

And again, we can only guess Michael cited the video ‘Plandemic.’

Then it looks like Michael started backtracking but by then … yeah, it was too late.

Oh damn.

Someone wanna get that lil fella some aloe for that burn?

Or how about THIS one?

Don’t make Brit angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Heh.

We don’t know what he said, now do we, since he pussed out and deleted everything.

Perusing his timeline much of it looks like this though:





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