Is it just our imagination or is the press working super hard to prove the unmasking done by the Obama administration was ‘standard procedure’? They seem almost desperate to prove their Messiah was not engaged in something nefarious, sneaky, underhanded, and perhaps even illegal … when we say ‘almost’ we’re just kidding.

They are spinning as we’ve never seen them spin before. Look at this crap from Andrea Mitchell:

Wait, who’s gaslighting who, Andrea?

Give us a damn break.

Looks like the media got their talking points, just sayin’.


Look, fat!

Ari Fleischer let her have it:

But Obama’s administration was totally scandal-free and stuff.

His legacy?


Sorry, we crack ourselves up sometimes.

Unfortunately, we’re not holding our breath.

And they will continue to do so until their party is back in the WH.

Sorry, not sorry.



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