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'LOL, you're adorable': Obama lackey learns the HARD way why you never bring a knife to a gunfight with Richard Grenell

Admit it. When you read this tweet from Ned Price in your head all you hear is the sound adults make in ‘Peanuts’ cartoons.

Or is that just this editor?


Anyway, Ned here thought he had a big tough point to make with Richard Grenell … he even tagged him.

GAR! RAR! It’s not that Obama and his administration were power-hungry harpies who tried to ruin the lives of several innocent people because Hillary lost and ORANGE MAN BAD … no no, the ‘MASSIVE’ scandal is that Richard thought Americans should see how shady they really were.


You have to wonder if Ned is able to tie his own shoes on a regular basis.


Richard responded.

He is officially our spirit animal.


So great.




Whatever, dude.


This. ^



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