Ever since Richard ‘Laid Waste to the Obama Administration’ Grenell started releasing documents about Flynn and the crap these sneaky a-holes were pulling to try and sabotage the incoming president, we have seen the Left and the media (we know, we know, same diff) working very hard pretending that this was no big deal. That those who are calling for investigations and want people charged are overreacting … silly little people, they were just doing their job.

But that’s just not the case.

Mollie Hemingway tweeted this:

A civil liberties threat.


And yeah, what Mollie said.

They never thought they’d get caught and they knew if they did, the media would cover for them.

Sadly hilarious.


As Twitchy readers know, Ari Fleischer blasted Andrea Mitchell for pretending all of this is no big deal.

Yup, sorta like how Pradheep Shanker framed it in his ‘fan fiction’ thread.

You’d think we’d learn to listen to the founders.




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