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'Let them eat ICE CREAM!' Nancy Pelosi claims Trump is 'out of touch with what families are facing' and HELLO backfire (watch)

If Nancy Pelosi was any more out of touch she’d float off the planet. Lucky for her, the amount of Botox in her face alone is enough to keep her ‘grounded’.


The same woman who talked about her fancy ice cream in her seriously fancy freezer while millions of Americans were worried about putting food on their tables … the same woman who held up COVID assistance so she could give tens of millions of dollars to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center (that turned around and laid their musicians off anyway) … this same woman lecturing Trump about how he’s the one out of touch with what Americans are going through?!


She is just awful.

The only group to have ‘paused’ assistance up to this point is the Democrats.

The face can only absorb so much Botox before it stops moving altogether.



Right? No roots for Nancy and C’MON there is no way her hair is still naturally that color.

But you know, Trump’s the one who’s out of touch.

*eye roll*



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