Jena Friedman’s bio said (says?) she is a comic, former writer for David Letterman, and former producer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We are writing about her bio in the ‘past tense’ because after she pushed a repugnant lie about McConnell catching COVID she threw a total hissy fit, deleted tweets, lashed out at people for correcting her, and then she either totally wiped her timeline or deleted her account.

What’s that old saying about how if the kitchen is too hot you should GTFO?


Luckily, people on Twitter were good enough to grab her ‘best tweets’ before she bailed or deleted:

Yikes. She was so mad.

Still more.

Yup, super mad.

And not just at evil Righties but at journalists and the Left as well.

Guess you could say Jena took her ball and went home.

Which is probably why she bailed.

Seems a good many people grabbed various screenshots from her timeline …

We especially like her poll selection that says, ‘Some fake news is healthy.’

D’oh! So MAYBE she deleted because she got busted by Twitter for pushing false COVID info.

Yeah, that’s a thing now.

Yeah, her defense was, ‘MCCONNELL WILL TOTALLY GET IT!’

You know, for being a comic and writing for some pretty funny people and shows, Jena doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.



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