No wonder Adam Schiff is scared … well, Schiffless. WE KNOW, we’re such children about his last name but honestly, looking at that bug-eyed choad day-in-and-day-out for years on end has formed a somewhat biased dislike of this nasty liar who tried to unseat a legally elected president because Democrats are big-a*s babies who can’t accept a legal election.

Whoops, did we say the quiet part out loud?

Our bad.

Anywho, sounds like Richard Grenell may have even more documents to ‘drop’ about our lying sack of Schiff pal:

Yeah, we keep telling you guys to stock up on popcorn but seriously, with the way shelves have been emptying out of toilet paper you never know, popcorn could be next.

The whole truth, Schifty Schiff.

Ain’t THAT the truth?!

Amen, we adore him.

He is THE MAN.

And on that note …

Release the SATCHEL!



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