If you read this tweet from ABC News you think to yourself at first, ‘HOLY CRAP, that’s a lot of Justice dept. officials’ … until you look down further and see one super important word they left out. Notice the difference between the headline and the tweet?

Sneaky ABC … very sneaky.

FORMER officials.

You know, people who are likely Democrats who hate Trump and by default, hate Barr too. But you know, this is a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL. Heh.

Side note, remember when ABC showed footage of a Kentucky gun range and claimed it was Syria? Good times.

God-Queen Hillary Clinton.

That there is funny.

Yup, we do know why. Their limited yet frothy-mouthed audience will take that headline and run with it and then it will take everyone else days or even weeks to correct them that the officials calling for him to resign no longer work there.


We should get them some tissue, yes?



Guess they figured out they should include the word ‘former,’ but at this point, it’s just too late.

Sometimes Twitter is a beautiful thing.



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