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'Are you TOTALLY eff'd in the head?!' CNN's Bill Weir claims COVID has helped humanity and LOOKOUT that's a lotta backfire

Hey guys, good news! The same virus that has killed tens of thousands of Americans, completely shuttered some businesses, and resulted in 26 million unemployed is actually HELPING humanity and stuff … because it bought us some time against global warming.


At least that’s what CNN’s Bill Weir thinks.



You know the face you make when you’ve ‘geared up’ with your mask and gloves to brave the grocery store and the bagger isn’t wearing a mask and starts breathing all over your food? Yup, just made that face.

He’s saying a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe has helped humanity.

Hey, look! Another CNN talking head said something really stupid! Yay! We need some sort of CNN Bingo card to pass the time, seriously.


It’s always virtue-signaling with these peeps.



Could he be any more tone-deaf? It’s impressively bad.

They just keep showing their hand, don’t they?



‘Colossal public policy CALAMITY’: Brit Hume does NOT hold back about COVID lockdown doing more harm than good (watch)

OMG, the hilarious IRONY! Alyssa Milano should PROBABLY avoid making jokes about Trump (or anyone else) ‘digging a hole’

‘You clown’: Pharmaceutical ‘expert’ Jake Tapper’s dig at Trump over HCQ does NOT end well for him, like at all

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