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'Someone come get grampy, he's scaring the kids': You won't BELIEVE what Joe Biden thinks is holding up checks (ok, you might ... watch)

Joe Biden is really the best Democrats have. Really?!

Apparently, Joe thinks the reason people are waiting on checks for Coronavirus relief is that Trump wants to put his physical signature on them. Umm … he does realize direct deposit will be how the majority of these checks are paid out … right?


That Trump won’t be signing them? RIGHT?!



He’s reading. The entire time.

That means someone wrote this thinking it was some sort of great speech.


And sorry, what’s with this freakin’ backdrop? Anyone else think that’s a set in his basement?

Seriously, this is just nutty.


It’s almost hard for us to make fun of him.




Don’t look at us, we just work here.

Yummm … Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Again, this is the best Democrats can do?

Alrighty then.



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