Full transparency, folks. At this point in the week, we’re just SO GLAD to write about anything other than the freakin’ Coronavirus. We realize it’s the biggest story in the WORLD right now but we’re guessing like us, dear reader, you could use a little break. And what better way to take that break than laughing … well, pointing and laughing at the media. Hey, they’ve earned it at this point, don’t you think?

Tweeps came up with a fairly entertaining hashtag aka #JournalistJokes.

For example –> Three journalists walk into a building. You’d think one of them would’ve seen it.

Yeah? No? C’mon, people, they can’t all be winners.

Poor media.


Ok, this one in our humble opinion wins Twitter.

A-ha! So we can blame this Cranky Gordon person for the hashtag.

Well played, Mr. Cranky.

Well. Played.



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