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'Hello! She DELAYED relief!' Nancy Pelosi claiming Trump is 'fiddling' and downplaying the virus BACKFIRES impressively (watch)

Folks, as you watch Nancy Pelosi’s interview with Jake Tapper from this morning, keep in mind this same woman delayed relief to millions of Americans for nearly five days to put a bunch of pork into a bill. Also, keep in mind the ‘pork’ they ended up leaving in the bill for the Kennedy Center (all $25 million of it) isn’t going to musicians aka the people.


It’s going to the organization.

And then listen to what she says about Trump.


It’s ironic that she says he’s ‘fiddling’ while she delayed funding for the Kennedy Center and their musicians won’t see a dime of it.


Does that mean more money for organizations like the Kennedy Center who pocket it and basically furlough their people? Asking for a friend.

She needs to do her best to get the negative attention focused BACK on Trump. She doesn’t really care about helping Americans through this, she proved that when she played games with our relief last week.


Seriously, what is wrong with her teeth?


Good times.

We’re not sure if Nancy is just really old or really awful.

Probably a little of both.



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Nancy Pelosi’s slush fund? Kennedy Center tells musicians they will stop paying them hours after $25 million COVID bailout signed

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