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'Wuhan isn't a RACE, you tool': MSNBC's David Gura claims anyone using 'Wuhan Virus' is racist and GUESS how that goes over

We know, we know, MSNBC is gonna MSNBC.

But c’mon, man.

It’s like these blue-checks learned nothing during the Obama administration where the word ‘racist’ was used SO MUCH to describe anyone and anything in disagreement with the president that it started losing all meaning. Not to mention ‘Wuhan’ isn’t a race, it’s a city.


FYI: This is one of the dumbest takes on Twitter right now and that includes Alyssa Milano’s feed so you KNOW it’s really dumb.

^ Yup.

Because of course, she is.

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the swine?!

Who knew there was so much racism in food?




Sounds like a New Wave hit.

Well there ya go.


We knew it!



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