The media have been doing their part in stoking the flames of paranoia and fear around the coronavirus with story after story pushing the narrative the Trump administration has not done enough to protect the country from this WORLD-ENDING VIRUS.

We get that they have a job to do, and that job is doing as much damage to the Trump campaign as possible, and if that means terrifying the masses and tanking the economy via pushing fake news and conspiracies then so be it. Right?

Brit Hume shared a thread highlighting the media’s reaction to Trump’s earliest steps in protecting this country … the travel ban.

Warning, it will seriously piss you off:

But you know, Trump and his administration didn’t react quickly enough or something.

Travel restrictions undercut international efforts to fight the outbreak by ANTAGONIZING CHINESE LEADERS.

Are you sh**ting us?!

Orange man bad.


If the Obama administration had taken these sorts of steps they’d have been praising them for protecting this country. But since it’s Trump …

They’re just so damn infuriating.



Gosh, it’s almost like they have an agenda or something.



So brazen.




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