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Get a GRIP! Even Stephen King is fed up with the Left's #Coronavirus PANIC and LMAO

When the Left is losing Stephen King?



The panic is real and honestly at this point seems more dangerous to our country than the virus itself. Markets are getting hit, people are losing jobs, parents are terrified to send their kids to school and why? Because Democrats and the media saw an opportunity to use a virus to hurt Trump

It sounds heartless and a little tinfoily but the writing is on the wall.

They’d do anything to stop the bad, ‘orange man’.

You know the panic is getting stupid when even King is telling people to chill TF out.


Because there are yahoos like this out there playing Chicken Little:




Or not.

You can see why even King is getting sick of this nonsense.



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‘Wuhan isn’t a RACE, you tool’: MSNBC’s David Gura claims anyone using ‘Wuhan Virus’ is racist and GUESS how that goes over

AYFKM?! Brit Hume shares infuriating thread featuring media ‘coverage’ of Trump’s early #Coronavirus travel restrictions

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