Oh good, Greta Thunberg found a way to tie sexism to climate change … said no one, ever.

Plus odds are she did not write this tweet considering we all know that her father has been using her as a ‘shield’ of sorts to push his own agenda. No way she wrote this:

And sadly, the non-thinkers in social media ate this nonsense up because it’s what they do. Luckily there are people like James Woods on Twitter who not only make us laugh but think as well. Let’s hope that even though it was likely Greta’s dad who wrote that tweet the youngster actually sees James’ tweet because it’s even more powerful since it’s TRUE.

Men DO have one ‘right’ women don’t, and that’s the right to sign up for the draft.

Lucky them.

But you know, women are super oppressed and stuff because a waitress doesn’t make as much as a neurosurgeon.

Welp, now we’re all confused.

Way to go, dude.




Something something!

*her dad*

Every time we see Greta all we can think about is how sad it is that she hasn’t been allowed to be a kid.

Let’s hope one day she figures out there is more to life than being the mouthpiece for a bunch of adults trying to push their agenda.



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