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Evil and SHAMELESS! James Woods tears the DNC a new one for what they're REALLY trying to do with Joe Biden and DAMN

Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president.

That’s not a joke, that’s not snark, that’s reality.

The poor guy can’t get through a single speech without making a complete fool of himself, there is no way Democrats really think this guy can run the country. Can you guys see Biden dealing with Kim Jong-un? No. So what’s going on here? Are they really that terrified of the socialist monster they’ve enabled, aka Bernie Sanders?


Or is something else going on?

James Woods has a terrifying theory:


So does this mean the DNC still thinks it’s Hillary’s turn?

It’s sad but true.

And the Hulu documentary … yup.



We really hate to think this is what the DNC is planning but there is just no way they really think Biden is the right person to be president. Who he (the DNC) picks for VP will tell us everything.



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