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DIRTY little secret --> Nancy Pelosi withheld #coronavirus bill so DCCC could run ads AGAINST GOP candidates (watch)

It takes a serious low-life to play politics with something like the coronavirus, especially when people are scared to leave their homes and the market takes a beating because of it. Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is just that sort of low-life.


And they pretend like Trump is the bad guy here.


Politics first, right Nancy?

No wonder Trump called these people and their behavior a hoax (NOT the coronavirus, as they’ve been claiming.) Just when you think the Democrats can’t get any more desperate or sink any lower, they literally politicize a virus.


She’s been in the House since God was a boy; if there was ever a shining example of a need for term limits it’s Nancy ‘Been Around for Decades’ Pelosi.


It certainly does feel slimy.




We’ll be here all day.

And he’s running for Senator.

Oh wait.



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