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DERP: Rep. Eric Swalwell's tale of a make-believe constituent yelling at him over the 'Democrat #coronavirus hoax' BACKFIRES

It’s been a while since we last wrote about Rep. Eric Swalwell … when he’s not running a failed presidential campaign or breaking wind on Hardball (no wonder Matthews retired) there’s not a lot there to write about. Except, of course, when he starts making up stories about people on airplanes giving him an ‘atta boy’ or constituents yelling at him about the Democrat coronavirus hoax.


Eric leaves out that his constituent then said, ‘WHOOOO DAWGIE! MERICA IS THE BEST, AMIRITE? Hey, you ‘member when you farted on live tv? THAT there was the best thing EVER. WHOOOOOO! MAGAAAAAA!’ Hey, it’s as believable as a constituent calling him up to yell about the coronavirus being a Democrat hoax when we know Trump never said that.

Just like Eric’s office never received that phone call.

No, but in yellow.

Gosh, it’s like people don’t believe him.

See what we mean?

Won’t someone think of the climate!


The irony is ironic, yup.


Sadly he’s not.




Ain’t that convenient?

Dude will NEVER live down the ‘fart heard ’round the world.’



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